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4 best Professional Punting Tips

Professional Punting Tips

Lower your risk, grab your gain. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

You might be thinking about your next punting and you don’t want to lose your money anymore. Punting is very interesting when you have professional level experience. Most of the winner punters follow some strategy and tips to lower their gambling risk. If you want to make money from betting then you must follow our 4 invaluable punting tips. So, let’s dive down into it.

Realistic vs Unrealistic Tradeoff

If you think you will get over 15% turnover in the long term on high volume bets then you are dreaming. So, reality is a little bit different but not impossible for you. Definitely, there is a situation when you will have big wins and exceed this mark. This will bring you another side of the card too. 

Expecting to make more than 15% on turnover requires you to be selective for a particular bet and you don’t have the option to turn over many bets.

So, the reality is if you want to pocket 10% POT and want to profit $25000 per year, you must turn over a minimum of $250000 per year. So, realistic betting needs you to turn over $1000 per day for five days a week. 

Losing run habit 

Losing runs is another punting tip people might not hear. But you just need to follow simple mathematics and there is nothing you can do about it.

To be an expert punter it’s mandatory that you can count  the chance each runner has of winning, and then bet only when you get odds equal to or greater than the calculated chance. However, unlike table games where the odds can be calculated exactly, the odds or percentage chance of a horse winning is not exact or objective. That’s why technological data and ratings need to be kept and corrected on a daily and weekly basis.

A simple and relevant example is a coin toss. Since the true odds of a head or tail is $2.00, it’s sure that if you take less than $2.00, you will lose in the long term. But, on the other hand, if you take odds of exactly $2.00, you will break even. So if you’re offered, say, $2.20 and you accept that as a bet (as you should), you’ll win 10% on the long-term turnover.

Probability will affect your Bank

If you want to maximize your profits, you must ensure a successful betting strategy. It is very hard to deny this fact and all the successful punters go through this stage.So, when you choose a wrong and unsuccessful bet, this will make a risk of losing capital. So, getting right size betting can lower the bank risk probability. You should select a loss-chasing strategy. You should learn more about the risk of ruin if you are serious about punting and want to get a grip on the interrelationships between chance,strike rate and probability of losing/ winning sequences.

Get a Idea of market percentage

Market percentage is  above odds that a market operates. If you bet on the horse gambling and there are 10 runners. If the first runner has an odds score of $2.5o and market percentage 40%. So, from the 10 runners the total market percentage is say 118%. This means that if you were to back each horse to collect $100, it would cost you $118. The reason is very clear and this extra 18% is the deductible amount of operators.

So, if you don’t get the percentage idea, you will lose a huge amount from the bet.

Final words

You’ll revel in dropping bets or even falling runs in a short time. But via means of combining a steady staking plan with a disciplined method, you’ll emerge with a fantastic result. It’s one of the maximum beneficial punting suggestions. These are four fundamental punting suggestions that will have you ever in the direction of success. Understand them, and you’ll be able to have a bet profitably.