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Carson Wentz Worst NFL Season

Carson Wentz hasn’t played his best football by far, but he still has plenty of supporters in his corner. It’s hard to look back on the Week 5 loss at Heinz Field to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Eagles quarterback had his worst game of the season. Carson Wentz failed to register his first touchdown pass of his career in the first half of a playoff game and didn’t play his good football far beyond that in a loss to the Steelers.

Will Carson Wentz rotate again and see his contract still count toward the Eagles’ cap in 2021? After he was dismissed at third, he was sent back out, but he played the start of the series and released a pass that he threw. So he forgot two snaps and had to be rotated back into the starting line-up.

After the Eagles’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Pederson said he could have put Wentz on the bench for rookie Jalen Hurts if the Eagles had kept the game tight. For what it’s worth, he also said he never considered benching the franchise quarterback during his first two seasons as head coach. The Eagles are likely to hold on to Wentz for at least another season, but that doesn’t mean they need to keep him as a starter until the end of 2021.

At this point, the Philadelphia Eagles have eyed their successor to Wentz in Jalen Hurts, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that he’s no longer the best option to take over as quarterback for the Eagles. The same city that once cheered Wentz is now demanding his head over the injustices the rising superstar has seemingly been able to inflict.

Managers are currently considering terminating Carson Wentz and the rest of his contract, which is guaranteed against the cap as long as he is on the roster. Given that the Eagles’ salary cap will deteriorate dramatically in 2021 if they cut it, they are likely to decide to drop him from the list in 2021, leaving the industry unaware of the impact that will have in 2022.