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You can use every motzza feature, but you may not be able to access every betting website affiliated with us. Accessing affiliated website will depend on every country/state regulation around the betting industry.

If a bookmaker is not affiliated with us, you won’t be able to place a bet with this bookmaker through motzza. However, we are always adding new bookmakers to motzza, so your bookmaker may be available through motzza in future. Please send us the details of your preferred bookmaker and we will contact these bookmakers to sign up with motzza.

If you are unable to click through to a betting website via motzza, please submit a request via our contact form.
If a particular sport, league or match you are looking for isn’t on motzza, please submit a request via our contact form and we will endeavour to bring you the best odds for your preferred sport.

Yes. We partner with bookmakers to provide all our customers with the safest login method and experience possible. All bookmaker login forms are completely secure and safe to use. Login takes places through a direct connection with the bookmaker using HTTPS encryption. We will continue to provide you seamless integration as the technology continues to improve with our affiliate partners.

motzza is the biggest and most trusted odds comparison platform in Australia. We get all our odds from reputable and verified bookmakers so you can make informed decisions around all sporting events.

You need to sign up to motzza to access our odds comparison system. motzza membership gives you access to exclusive member benefits, including live sports streaming, form guides and our rewards rebate program. motzza also offers you discounted pricing on vast array of sporting memorabilia and discounted rates to Australia’s largest tipping agency. Overall, by becoming a member, you can have a seamless and secure experience with all sporting events.

From one of our odds comparison pages, tap on the bookmaker you would like to access. You’ll then be taken to a new screen that will prompt you to log in and start betting.

Your bets will always be placed with bookmakers via motzza. motzza doesn’t take any money that you place with a bookmaker; we simply connect you to your betting account and give you the best odds comparison on sporting events for you to make an informed decision. Freedom of choice is what we promote.

Once you have placed a bet with a bookmaker through motzza, you can track how it is going in your bookmaker’s account. You’ll be able to view all your closed and open bets with a particular bookmaker on that bookmaker’s website.

Motzza’s revenue is a combination of commissions and advertising As we are punters ourselves, we continually think “what do we want”