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Racing & Sports Form Guide (COMING SOON)

With motzza, you will soon gain immediate access to detailed sports and racing form guides, race cards and race fields for sporting and racing events. Our form guide will contain all the tab information you need to refine your strategy and make an informed decision. motzza members will get sports and racing form guides for every meeting on the platform.

Our detailed racing and sports form guides contains all the major sporting events across Australia, New Zealand, UK, the United States, South Africa, France, Ireland and many more countries. Also, you can filter the forms by selecting the date, event time and country you would like to view. Each form gives you a great amount of information in the form of ratings, neutrals, time report tables and worksheets. You can also make adjustments to the worksheets based on your own preferences or requirements.

  • Detailed race and sports analysis from expert analysts
  • Full fields, form and barrier trials
  • Speed map
  • All statistics for every runner or player
  • Comments on each horse’s previous run
  • Sectional times
  • Ratings for every run or event

Whether you are new to sports and racing, or you’re a seasoned professional, our racing and sports form guide is for you. Sign up to motzza now and get access today.