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Tipping & Selection Partners

Motzza has partnered with Winning Edge Investments. Our research has identified Winning Edge Investments as the most profitable and trustworthy horse racing and sports betting tips and ratings service operating in Australia. They currently offer 23 different services. Each service is operated individually and autonomously by a different analyst, and comes with a profit guarantee for all quarterly and annual memberships.

Our tipping and selection partners can assist you with your sporting and racing decisions and provide you with insight into the tipping process. Our aim is to help educate you on how to participate in sporting events so that you can make more informed decisions every time you play.

All you need to do is choose the tipping and selection partners you would like to follow. With their analysis services, you will be able to generate the best strategy for your needs. You can apply different staking plans to your tipping history and find the most ideal staking plan to help you work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Choosing your selections and placing bets can take a long time. Bet placement can also be difficult to follow and is prone to mistakes. By utilising the services provided by our tipping and selection partners, you can quickly place bets on your tips, trigger notifications and start playing before the sporting event has even begun.

All motzza members can experience the benefits of our portal of odds comparison services available in Australia. Become a motzza member today.