Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) refers to the delivery of gaming and wagering services in a manner that minimises the potential harm that may be caused by gambling to individuals, their families and the community generally. supports the efforts of bookmakers who have established responsible gambling policies and added measures such as self-exclusion and pre-commitment levels to help minimise the damage caused by problem gambling.

The following table provides links and information relating to the various responsible gambling policies held by bookmakers, including instructions and links for self-exclusion:

Responsible Gambling Policies & Self-Exclusion





bet365 Responsible Gambling Policy

You can activate self-exclusion by logging in to your account and visiting the Members section. Simply click on ‘My Account’ > ‘Responsible Gambling Controls’ > ‘Self-Exclusion’, then select your desired period of self-exclusion. Responsible Gambling information and links can also be found in the Services drop-down menu or under Help, in the page footer.

Email: Phone: 1800 200 365


Betfair Responsible Gambling Policy

You can access the self-exclusion option by logging in to your account and selecting ‘My Account’ from the drop-down within the header of the website. Select ‘Account Details’ > ‘Player Protection’ and then complete the Self-Exclusion tool. The minimum period of self-exclusion is 6 months; for a shorter break you can use the Time Out option. 

Email: Phone: 1300 238 324


Betstar Responsible Gambling Policy

Simply download and complete the Self-Exclusion Form, the link to which can be found under Self-Exclusion on the ‘Responsible Gambling Policy’ page.



Bookmaker Responsible Gambling Policy

Simply download and complete the Self-Exclusion Form, a link to which can be found under Self-Exclusion on the ‘Responsible Gambling Policy’ page.



Centrebet Responsible Gambling Policy

Simply complete the Self-Exclusion form and return it to

Email: Phone: 1800 013 627

Classic Bet

Classic Bet Responsible Gambling Policy

For self-exclusion please call 1800 888 001 or email

Email: Phone: 1800 888 001


CrownBet Responsible Gambling Policy

Login and visit the ‘Responsible Gambling’ page within the ‘My Account’ section. Then simply fill out the Crownbet Self-Exclusion Form.

Email: Phone: 13 27696 238


DraftStars Responsible Gambling Policy

Call 1800 131 939 or email

Email: Call: 1800 131 939


Ladbrokes Responsible Gambling Policy

Simply download and complete the Self-Exclusion Form, a link to which can be found under Self-Exclusion on the Responsible Gambling Policy page.



Luxbet Responsible Gambling Policy

Complete the following Self-Exclusion Form and return your completed form to

Email: Phone: 1300 589 238


LottoLand Responsible Gambling Policy

You can access and set the self-exclusion facility from within your ‘My Account’ section when logged in to your account.



Sportsbet Responsible Gambling Policy

Complete this Self-Exclusion form and return your completed form to

Email: Phone: 1800 990 907

Sportsbetting Responsible Gambling Policy

Call 1300 363 236 or email

Email: Phone: 1300 363 236

TAB Responsible Gambling Policy

Tabcorp run a Self-Exclusion program called BetCare. To enter this, simply complete the Self-Exclusion Application Form and return your completed form to

Email: Phone: 1800 882 876


TopBetta Responsible Gambling Policy

Call 1300 886 503 or email

Email: Phone: 1300 886 503


UBET Responsible Gambling Policy

In order to self-exclude, you are required to submit a Self-Exclusion Notice. This can be completed online: simply login, visit the Account area, then select Self-Manage and follow and complete the necessary prompts. Or visit the Responsible Gambling page and click the Set Up button under Self-Exclusion.

Email: Phone: 1800 823 888


Unibet Responisble Gambling Policy

For Self-Exclusion, simply login, complete the Self-Exclusion form and return it to

Email: Phone: 13 78 68

William Hill

William Hill Responsible Gambling Policy 

Complete the following Self-Exclusion form and return it to

Email: Phone: 1800 007 238

For those having difficulties controlling their gambling habits, seek help via the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858, the Financial Counselling Helpline on 1800 007 007 or by visiting the following sites: For further information about problem gambling and the help services available in your respective State or Territory, please consult the following websites:

Motzza aims to fulfil its stated Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) commitment through a variety of measures, which support the efforts of the bookmakers in promoting responsible gambling practices including:

  • development and implementation of best practise policies and procedures for the responsible conduct of gambling
  • provision of an effective voluntary self exclusion scheme for patrons by book makers and gambling companies and providers.
Motzza also aims to observe legislated gambling harm minimisation requirements including:
  • controls over the nature of certain gaming related advertising and promotion.
  • prohibitions in relation to participation by minors, and the advancement of credit for gambling purposes.
  • measures which limit the accessibility and availability of commercial gambling activities in the broader public interest.
the requirement for book makers and gambling providers to provide information to patrons and their guests on counselling services, the use and operation of gaming machines and online gaming, the chances of winning and the problems caused from excessive gambling.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible Gambling

“Responsible Gambling” is gambling for pleasure and entertainment whilst remaining fully aware of the risks, exercising control and maintaining balance with other aspects of life so as not to cause harm to yourself or others. The aim is to enable people to make informed decisions about their participation in gambling and, if harm has occurred, to promote through the bookmakers access to gambling help services.

Things to remember:

  • We want you to enjoy winning but we need you to be aware that gambling is a game of chance and the outcome is not in your control.
  • It’s important that you realise the potential impact of gambling whilst under the influence of problematic substances. Despite what you may think at the time they won’t help you pick a winner.
  • Control your gambling. Management of your finances, including awareness of expenditure on gambling is an important factor.
  • Once you’ve lost a bet move on. Chasing lost money is not a successful tactic.
  • Gambling should be a part of your social life without dominating it. Responsible gambling is about making it a positive and enjoyable experience.