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Lachlan Biddlecombe

Chief Executive Officer

Lachlan is a supremely motivated and dedicated manager with over 20 years of experience in the casino industry. With an entrepreneurial streak he consistently strives to reach new professional goals through strategic vision and innovative ideas.

He played an integral role in the opening of Sydney Star Casino and held various roles during his extended time there. Working his way through the ranks Lachlan’s roles included Games Trainer and Customer Relations Executive leading to a position of Gaming Manager. During this time he also broadened his experience by studying accounting. His impeccable social skills and ability to work within a team made him an awarded member of the casino’s staff.

In the early 2000’s Lachlan took the opportunity to branch out and be one of the first Australian Poker League franchise owners. He proceeded to set up structures for and manage large state and national poker tournaments, as well as being involved in marketing, networking and business management.

His passion for gaming along with his varied skill set lead him to be invited to help build and manage an online gaming platform. Coordinating an array of different gaming providers he was able to help deliver a platform that was highly sought after by online gamers.

Lachlan’s background in gaming within the casino and poker league, combined with his strong capabilities and experience in helping launch new business endeavors, place him as a valuable asset within the Motzza Team.